Dixie has been a long-time acquaintance of mine and when it came time to walk the Healthcare Exchange path, I knew Dixie’s expertise would guide me in the right direction. She recommended an affordable individual plan that fit my current health situation. She also assisted my husband with selecting a Medicare Advantage plan to cover his health, dental and vision needs. What a score!! Thank you Dixie—you’re the best!  Terry R., Boise, ID


Dixie Rogers is a great insurance agent! I am a person who does not understand and do not want to understand insurance. Dixie works for me….Thank God. Thank you, Dixie. Penny S., Garden City, ID


Thank you Dixie Rogers from the G. family. You have been great to work with and you are a great source of information and expertise for our family’s insurance needs. We recommend Dixie for all of your health insurance needs. Dixie Rocks! Olin and Shelley G. and Olin Marc G., Hagerman, ID


Dixie Rogers helped me get insurance for my boys. She is very knowledgeable about insurance and she is easy to work with. She returned my calls very quickly and the entire transaction was seamless. She also saved me over $50 per month in premiums, compared to what I was paying for the same coverage. Dixie works with several companies, so she was able to shop for the best rate for my circumstances. If you are looking for insurance, I recommend you give her a call. James T., Meridian, ID


Dixie was referred to me by another self-employed woman, Chris S.. Dixie’s knowledge of just what I needed to continue my health insurance coverage was super helpful. She was also able to recommend a different carrier which saved me $1200 per year for identical coverage. Recently, after a move I was unable to change my address for my coverage. Dixie knew just how to get it done. Dixie works for you and as a result, we all win. Carmel C., Boise, ID


Dixie has helped my husband and I since the health exchange started. As a former government employee we were used to having good coverage. Dixie has helped up to find a policy that maintains that level of coverage at a reasonable cost. In addition, when I was experiencing problems with changes this year due to going onto Medicare, Dixie was right there by my side. Because of this, my problems were solved quickly. I have recommended Dixie to many of my former co-workers who have retired, due to her knowledge and high level of service. Julie C., Nampa, ID


Dixie has been there to provide my family with the best customer service and helped us navigate the health insurance waters. She is amazing at her job. Kasi K., Buhl, ID


I have used Dixie as my insurance broker for a couple of years now. She has saved me so much time by removing a majority of the research. She understands the terminology and explains it to me in a way that I can comprehend it. Dixie works with several insurance companies and after a short interview, she directed me to the plan that best fit my budget and the coverage that I wanted. What I like about her the best is that if I have a question I don’t have to jump through a bunch of hoops to talk to someone in person right away. If she is busy I leave her a message and she calls back promptly. Dixie has taken the headache out of this whole health care mess! Bill C., Sandpoint, ID


Not all insurance companies are created equal. That is very apparent to us usually AFTER we purchase insurance. Dixie Rogers Insurance Services has proven to be more than just “equal.” Her service is well above most insurance agencies I have worked with over the past 35 years. Thanks Dixie!! DeAnna J., Boise, ID


Dixie Rogers was referred to me by an insurance agent that I have used for years who could not keep up with all the complications of health care offerings and the Idaho Exchange system. Dixie specializes in this type of service and will continue to support me as I transition into Medicare. Insurance options can be complicated and Dixie can sort through the options and provide excellent, workable solutions. Thank you, Dixie, for your valuable service. Joan D., Boise, ID


Dixie has been handling my Medicare supplement insurance for the past two years. She has provided the best customer service and availability by giving her time and looking for the lowest price and coverage that serves my needs. Karen E., Eagle, ID


We appreciate the customer service and health insurance expertise that Dixie Rogers provides. Whenever we have a question she is prompt and responsive. She has taken the stress and guesswork out of health insurance. We are thankful for Dixie’s services. Clinton and April P., Boise, ID